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IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS about U.S. civics, law, and justice but don’t want to wade through dry and dull legalese to get the answers, you will love this down-to-earth collection of essays that provide an insider’s view of the legal system. In Civics, Law, and Justice–How We Became U.S., career lawyer and judge J. Layne Smith offers crystal-clear insight and straightforward answers to everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the art and science of justice in American history and society.

How does a judge feel when handing down a sentence? Which is better: A republic or a democracy? And what do King Henry VII and his six wives have to do with U.S. Constitution? Infused with Smith’s warmth and humor, this accessible collection will make you feel like you’re learning about U.S. civics, law, and justice while having a cup of coffee with a knowledgeable friend. 


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