Audiobook and Voice Acting Services

The world of books and publishing is large, wide and varied. There are lots of steps involved in bringing your words to an audience – cover design, layout, editing, marketing, etc. Here are a few audiobook and voice acting services I provide:

Narration and production of your manuscript

This is my main activity, go to Learn for more on how to get started with my narration and production of your manuscript.

Manuscript proof-reading for authors

Are you a writer getting a manuscript ready for publishing and need a proof-reader? It’s good to have another set of eyes combing through your words to spot any issues and prepare a list for corrections.

Audiobook files proof-listening for narrators

If you are producing an audiobook, and have files of chapters that need to be heard before final processing and uploading, then get someone – other than yourself to proof-listen for any errors and prepare a list of pickups for you. That way they can be caught and corrected BEFORE you send files for the Rights Holder to hear!

DIY Narration Setup and Audio Evaluation for writers who want to narrate their own books

You are an author and want to narrate your own book? That’s a bold step and no one to venture into lightly. But, you may indeed be the best narrator for your own book! 

I can help you DIY, that is, get you started on the right foot, eliminating much of the inevitable trial-and-error learning curve. I will even evaluate the quality of your audio files to meet ACX standards and help make corrections if necessary as you get started so you can finish right.

Rates for the above services vary per project, contact me to get started:

Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash