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The Legacy of One

Tears were flowing from her eyes, and Suzanne was right there with more tissues. The tenderest eyes Heather had ever seen were peering at her and also trickling with tears of compassion.

“How old are you honey?” Suzanne asked.

“I am 20 going on 12, I think,” she smiled, choking back a sob. “At least, that is what Mom keeps saying. I know that I really messed up.”

Abandoned, afraid, and destitute, Heather faces danger, fear, and death. Then, she finds hope, love, and true compassion from strangers who could look beyond the circumstances.

In a whirlwind of events, one girl is ripped from her home and dragged through a harrowing chain of events that could only end horribly. The love, concern, and witness of a special woman touch untold numbers of lives in this riveting book.

The Legacy of one will demonstrate the power of her witness and how one individual’s witness for Jesus impacts so many lives.

written by Gail Prentice

narrated by Todd Eflin

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