Big Joe – new project set in the wild west is underway

They don’t call it the Wild West for nothin..

When Big Joe Chambers gets a letter from his sister Sophie asking for his help dealing with some bandits in Narrow Bluff, Colorado, he doesn’t hesitate to hop on his horse and ride out. But when he arrives to find nothing but tumbleweeds and smoldering embers, he fears he’s too late. Desperate to discover her fate, he heads to neighboring town Widestone to get to the bottom of things. What he finds is a town on the edge, living in fear of the blood-thirsty bandits ravaging all of South Platte. Can Joe help the towns-folk band together and stand up to the men hell-bent on destruction, or will Widestone become another blood-stained ghost-town?

Audiobook production is now underway, git ready to ride!