Do I Really Sound Like That? Hearing Your Own Voice

I’ve always been comfortable with hearing my own voice, and it helps being on the radio, voice acting and narrating – you get used to it pretty quickly. 

But for people who aren’t used to hearing their own voice recorded don’t always realize the way they sound to other people. 

Most of the time they will ask, “do I really sound like that?” 

I first encountered this in college doing an assignment. I was to interview someone and edit the tape to be a 3 minute interview. My buddy Dave Harris was my guest talking about a 30-day camping trip he was on learning outdoor and survival skills with Outward Bound. He sat with me after the interview to watch the editing (this was when editing involved 1/4 inch reel-to-reel tape and a razor blade). 

After a few minutes watching and listening, he was frowning and followed up with that question. 

But why do we sound different? And what does our sound say about use? 

This TED talk taught me a few things I didn’t realize:

 Now try it yourself. Pull out your mobile phone, find the Voice Recorder app or Memo app already installed. Hit the red button to start recording and play back what you say. 

Hear the difference? Like it, or no? Play around with that for awhile and you might just get used to hearing your own voice they way we hear you!