Hearing and Listening Is Work, Let’s Do It Better

I talk a lot, usually in to a microphone while narrating. I’ve had to learn about and develop speaking skills – and I’m still misunderstood! What what about the other half of the equation? I expect somewhere along the line someone will hear what I’ve recorded, but what about my own listening? I’ve been reminded lately that although I can speak well and be heard, I’m not necessarily a great listener. 

Oh I hear things. Noises mostly. Today I could hear the trash truck, the lawn mower, the highschool band drum practice, the neighbor on his porch on his phone, my cat who’s letting me know it’s time for food (which is all the time) and more. I hear it without listening.

Listening I believe is work, it’s hard and we don’t do it very well. But the are some specific skills that if we learned them and put in to practice we might actually hear what we are being told. I’ve been reminded lately from some hard lessons that I need to review some listening skills. So, enjoy Julian Treasure and 5 Ways To Listen Better:

Listening is making meaning from sound. It’s a process of extraction. We might recognize patterns – like our name, and use techniques like differencing between new sounds and those that remain the same. He says we are losing our listening for a variety of reasons, including sound bites and personal broadcasting, and is a serious problem. Conscious listening creates understanding. Get the 5 skills to take away and practice. Listen consciously to live connectedly. 

Hope this helps you, too!