It’s a Mad, Wide World of Books

Books have a smell, don’t they? There is an aroma in a library that’s different that in a store. Used books are similar, but the smell of the book itself and a collection of them has an aroma that hits your nose as soon as you open the door. It envelopes and draws you in. It’s a smell that says – read me.

Books have a sound, yes? the almost hushed like sound in a library, the nearly whispered sounds in a store, low conversations so as not to disturb others with noses buried in a book lost in the reading. The pages that turn, flip and rustle as fingers and thumbs move them front to back and back to front. Sometimes slowly and others quickly.

Books have a feel, right? Hard bound or paperback, heavy or light, think or colorful or old. Books feel in your hands, crisp new pages or fragile old ones, rough paper or glossy. One hand or two in size and shape.

Books make the physical senses come alive, and now they make our ears awaken and we can now read with more than our eyes. Our ears hear the story, listening as it was meant to be read.

Come, listen to a story…

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