Oswald On Trial – A New Audiobook Teaser

LEE HARVEY OSWALD died before he could stand trial for murdering President Kennedy. This book briefly summarizes the evidence against him. It focuses on what the State of Texas would have included in its closing argument.
   The author is a notable trial lawyer and a judge. You will find J. Layne Smith’s summation of the evidence to be revealing and convincing.
   Judge Smith succinctly presents a tight and compelling case in eight short chapters, including Jack Ruby’s role. He ends by exposing the flaws in the current JFK conspiracy theories too.
   In less than 30 minutes, Judge Smith explains the essential facts and what the evidence means. Infused with his clarity, you will feel like you’re learning about the case over a warm cup of coffee with a friend.

Narrated by Todd Eflin – hear the Oswald audiobook teaser:


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