Read More and Faster with Audiobooks

Want to read more and read faster? One way is to learn speed reading, like from – an online company with courses on speed reading and comprehension. Another of the ways they also advocate reading more is with audiobooks. Yep, reading with your ears can be a fantastic way to read through your list faster.

One of the reasons is that you can read while doing something else, like driving or taking a walk. Your eyes are busy, but your mind is free then. That’s the Number One reason in this article on the Iris site, but there a several more. Master storytellers can bring a story to life, adding another dimension to the story experience.

Plus, you can speed-listen. Some listeners like to increase the playback speed of the audio (I don’t personally recommend it, but…) and you can get through more quickly. And, if you use Kindle and Audible, it let’s you switch from one to the other.  

The article lists seven reasons, find the rest of them here and use audiobooks as a way to read more and read faster.

That should also encourage newer or independent authors to add audiobooks to their delivery methods. Not only is it a fast growing segment of content delivery, it’s sometimes easier and faster than traditional publishing. If you are an author or know of one currently not producing their books in audio form, contact me for an overview to get started.