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Simple Complexity

Every manager knows a business is a system, yet very few have studied systems thinking or system dynamics. This is a critical oversight, one that Simple_Complexity remedies.

Simple_Complexity reveals the fundamental system archetype at work in your enterprise and prescribes new and exciting ways to reinvigorate your management thinking.

Picking up where the greats in management leave off, Simple_Complexity provides a systems context that powerfully enriches traditional management thought and practice.


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A Weed in the Church: How a culture of age segregation is harming the next generation, fragmenting the family, and dividing the church. While almost everyone involved in youth ministry agrees there is a crisis, not everyone agrees on its severity nor has the same diagnosis. 

A Weed in the Church suggests that this well-recognized crisis has a specific cause, which will surprise many. Brown argues that while scripture defines and wholeheartedly encourages youth discipleship, the premises of modern youth ministry are at odds with biblical teaching and must be reformed. 

A Weed in the Church unfolds the history, the nature, the effect, and the root problem of systematic, age-segregated youth ministry and presents helpful solutions built on scripture’s sure foundation.


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