Uncomfortable Grace–The Mystery of Suffering, an Audiobook preview

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Uncomfortable Grace–The Mystery of Suffering

an Audiobook preview

Written By: Mike Larson

Narrated by: Todd Eflin

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Publisher’s summary:

As I write this book, we are in the middle of a global pandemic. Due to COVID-19, communities worldwide have experienced significant loss of life, businesses are forced to close down, people are out of work, and the economy is all but collapsing. As if that wasn’t enough trouble and heartache, the racially charged killings of multiple black people have sent the United States into a nationwide uproar. My heart grieves with black men and women, for whom the death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and far too many others have become emblematic of longstanding injustice, rising to a breaking point of peaceful protests, followed by unlawful riots and looting.

If you’re breathing, you have suffered too, and you very well might suffer in the future. Suffering comes in all forms. Some people suffer physically. In increasing numbers, people in America suffer mentally. Some will suffer spiritually. Still, others suffer from righteous persecution precisely because they are followers of Jesus. Many followers of Christ have suffered from racism, classism, injustice, poverty, sickness, and relational strife, to name a few.

But why? Why is there suffering? I would suggest that there is a certain degree of mystery involved with all suffering. However, for those who follow Jesus—for those who fear God and revere His Word—there is a huge benefit in suffering that comes from knowing God and walking with Him. I believe God wants to teach us something about suffering and pain.

God knows, understands, and has a purpose for our pain and suffering. I call this uncomfortable grace. Not that suffering itself is grace, but suffering can become a catalyst for experiencing God’s amazing grace. Suffering often comes in circumstances that we would never have chosen to go through if we were calling all the shots. We all need to teach and encourage one another with the theology of uncomfortable grace because, on this side of eternity, God’s grace is found in uncomfortable circumstances. It may not be what you and I want, but it is precisely what we need. God is faithful; he will use the brokenness of the world to complete the loving work of personal transformation that he has begun in and through us.

In this book, I will share four stories of couples who experienced uncomfortable grace through suffering. Then I contrast these stories with the Book of Job where God gives us clues about the nature and purpose of the mysterious reality of suffering.

On this side of eternity, God’s grace often comes to us in uncomfortable situations and forms. In moments when we are crying out for the grace of relief, God is doing good things in and through us, using the very things that we want relief from as his tool. God is so committed to his work that he will allow nothing to interrupt that work or cause him to turn away. In fact, he will use what seems like an incredible interruption in our lives to deliver the good things he’s promised. So we need to embrace and encourage one another with the theology of Uncomfortable Grace.

My prayer is that you will (re)discover how loved you are and how truly good God is. Go on this journey with me as we discover clues in the mystery of suffering.

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