Who Am I? A Few Characters I Get To Voice

A few of the characters I get to voice and roles to play:

Santa, Grumpy Elf, Mouse King, Sebastian, Monster Warrior, Genie

These appear in things like interactive video-games, an immersive dinner show, animated cartoons and video or radio commercials. 

Enjoy the short Demo:


In addition to audiobook narration I occasionally get invited to voice a few animated characters.

These roles are usually short scripts as one character among a cast that might be in a video-game or a cartoon you could see on youtube. Sometimes I get the whole script and just play my part, but usually I only see my own lines and some scene direction. The photos above are actual shots I was sent from the part I played so I could see how they were portraying the character.

Some years ago I was part of a church and helped the Sunday School teacher (also Todd) by playing various puppets for a weekly Bible lesson. One of my favorites was Freddy, a character who was big, hairy, and purple. Freddy and Todd the teacher would interact the script together (I usually went a bit off-script!) and I think that was good practice for these roles.

My voices include a Super Hero, a scrawny/wimpy guy, 2 elves, Santa, monsters, ole westerns, and of course – Freddy. 

Such Fun!

Most of the time these are used with children’s productions, but I bet there are some grownup folks who who be amused too. Let me know if you need a funny voice or goofy side-kick in your next production or presentation.